Thank you for your interest in our Animatronic Repair Services! We repair seasonal animatronics from manufacturers to the likes of Gemmy, Seasonal Visions, Tekky Design, Magic Power, PAC, YJ, Crazy Create, Trendmasters, Telco, Morbid Enterprises, among many others. We also repair animatronics sold by retailers such as Spirit Halloween, PartyCity, and The Home Depot.

Turnaround times are quick, with repairs on average being completed within three business days. Your animatronic will be restored to fully-working condition and will be thoroughly cleaned to look as good as new. If we cannot restore your animatronic to fully-working condition, you will be contacted with more options to ensure your full satisfaction with our work.

In addition, a wide selection of animatronic replacement parts and accessories are available (upon request). Repair your animatronics yourself utilizing the best-selling Animatronic Repair Starter Kit (100% customer satisfaction rate), and restore the sound of your animatronic (or build your own animatronic!) by purchasing a Custom Programmed Soundboard.

Please fill out the questionnaire below, or contact us via email at (, or via phone at (773) 318-0406.

Skullkrane Animatronics is not affiliated with any of the aforementioned manufacturers or retailers.

Animatronic Repair Services Contact Form
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Animatronic Repair Services Policy:

Our Animatronic Repair Services Policy guarantees the item(s) you send in for repair are guaranteed to have all of the features listed in the description of the order. It is highly recommended you watch the demonstration video of your product (if available) and carefully read the description for more details on your repair. Your item(s) will be returned to you within one business day following the receipt of payment; failure to submit payment within 14 days will result in your item being released to our disposal. Please contact us at ( with any questions, comments or concerns.

Check out a playlist of some of the many of Skullkrane's successful repairs by clicking here!

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