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Does Skullkrane still offer Animatronic Repair Services?

Unfortunately, Skullkrane no longer offers the Animatronic Repair Services. Any inquiries with interest in regards to the Animatronic Repair Services will be disregarded at this time.

Does Skullkrane have a physical retail location?

Skullkrane no longer has the Barrington, IL (or any other) physical retail location.

Does Skullkrane ship internationally?

Yes! Skullkrane can ship to any international location. The checkout process  is currently streamlined solely for Canadian international buyers, who may purchase with a flat rate shipping cost of USD14.96. Please 'Contact Us' if you are a non-Canadian international buyer so that we may assist you with pricing for shipping to your region.

How fast does Skullkrane ship orders?

During the Halloween offseason, Skullkrane dispatches orders in rounds every few business days. Please allow additional handling time during the height of the leading months to Halloween of September and October.

Is my order guaranteed to arrive by Halloween?

Please refer to any banners that may be displayed atop the Skullkrane site and on the 3D Printed Parts page for more accurate cutoff times as to guaranteed delivery times by Halloween as the Halloween season nears.

What is Skullkrane's return policy?

Skullkrane does not accept buyer's remorse returns for unwanted items. Skullkrane will gladly accept any return or replacement request for defective items up to 90 days from the time of purchase.

What is Skullkrane's warranty policy on 3D printed parts?

Skullkrane offers a lifetime warranty on all 3D printed parts with proof of purchase. Free of charge replacements will be dispatched 1-year from the time of purchase. After the 1-year period, replacement parts will be free, but the buyer will be invoiced for the cost of shipping. Should a replacement part fail out of the original 1-year period, the buyer will receive a reimbursement for the initial purchase price, less the shipping cost. Proof of defect is required for all claims.

Question not listed? Feel free to 'Contact Us'!

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