This set of three 3D printed parts creates a complete deer motor assembly; supply your own DC 6V 10RPM (or similar) motor and you're all set. This deer motor gearbox assembly is perfectly for building your own props or restoring ones with a damaged or missing mechanism. If you have any questions, or need help in sourcing a replacement motor, please do not hesitate to 'Contact Us'!


This product listing is for three 3D printed parts as shown in the photo(s) provided. The parts have been professionally designed to match the originals as closely as possible. The color of the filiment for the parts is white, and the parts have been inspected to ensure there are no flaws in the designs. These same designs have been tested in the corresponding animatronic and are guaranteed to function as normal.


These parts are in-stock and ready to ship same or next business day.

Deer Motor Gearbox Assembly w/ Drive Shaft